5 Money-Making Reasons to Have a Website for Your Business

5January 2021

You’ve done the research and launched your new business. The marketing plan is done, your business plan is set and you know exactly where to reach your ideal client.

You’ve done your homework and you have your social media channels set up so you can advertise through there and start growing your email list.

With everything set up, there’s no need for a website right? If this is the way you think you may want to reconsider that.

Without a website, your efforts and all the hard work you put into starting your business will eventually fall flat.

Not convinced? Here are 5 money-making reasons to have a website.

1. To Build Credibility

Potential customers want to work with someone who has an online presence. In fact, many people won’t even consider using a business that doesn’t have a website.

Your website helps build credibility and improves your reputation by allowing you to showcase your knowledge and expertise.

2. To Reach New Customers

In order to be where your prospects are, you need to be online. Your website is your introduction to potential customers. It should also be the gatekeeper to your content, like white papers, case studies, and your blog.

This content is a good way to sell yourself before you even speak to a prospect. It also simplifies the process of getting leads. Rather than chasing after customers with only direct mail or targeted social media ads, you can get their information through your website and collect leads almost passively.

3. To Answer Questions Quickly

A website allows you to provide prospects with information regarding your company and to answer the basic questions they have about your company, like your hours of operation, services you provide and who to contact to answer their questions.

It will also enable you to provide better customer service for your existing clients. For example, an FAQ section can help prospects or customers get the information they need quickly, even after hours.

4. So You Can Stand Out From Your Competition

Your competition is online so you should be too. By not having a website you’re missing out on potential clients who are going to go to your competition instead.

Say you sell car parts. If someone does a Google search for “car parts” they are going to get a list of all the companies around them that are relevant. If you don’t have a website but your competitors do, guess where they’re going to go?

Don’t miss out on potential business because you’re lacking an online presence.

5. So You Can Build SEO and Become More Visible

When prospects search for products or services related to your company if you don’t have a website they won’t be able to find you. They’ll find your competitors instead.

Having a website enables you to work on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is essential for being found in Google search results. Good SEO can improve the ranking of your website over time and result in more sales for your business.

Bonus Reasons to Have a Website

So, why have a website for your business? Having all your information in one place makes it much easier for potential customers to find what they’re looking for. Your website is the foundation of your brand.

It hosts all the information about your products and services and makes it easier (and cheaper!) for making changes to your product descriptions and content.

Rather than making production changes to your print products and then waiting to receive the updated versions, you make a change that is immediately available online.

These reasons to have a website all lead to greater profits in the long run for your business, by enabling prospects to find you more easily.

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